What to watch for

Is human trafficking happening in your community? Recognizing potential warning signs and indicators of human trafficking is the first step to identifying a survivor and helping them find the assistance they need. The following is a list of indicators provided by the NH Human Trafficking Collaborative Task Force. This list is not exhaustive but represents a selection of possible indicators which we often identify in NH New Hampshire from those who have experienced sex and/or labor trafficking. These should not be taken as proof that human trafficking is occurring but if several of these are identified, can give reason to report your concerns to law enforcement.


  • Scars and mutilations
  • Tattoos/branding
  • Signs of abuse (bruises, cuts, burns), unexplained injuries
  • Drug or alcohol misuse
  • Malnourishment and/or signs of poor physical or dental health
  • Evidence of being controlled, restricted communication
  • Person with them does not allow them to speak or answer questions
  • Fearful, anxious or submissive
  • Not in possession or control of their ID, documents, cell phone, money
  • May not know what city/state they are in
  • Sudden addition of new possessions or the appearance that a lot of money has been spent


If you have concerns that someone is being trafficked, please reach out to the people on our resources page.