Frequently asked questions

What is human trafficking?

Human trafficking is the exploitation of a person through labor, services, or a commercial sex act by force, fraud, or coercion. For a more detailed definition, see the NH Trafficking in Persons Law and the Federal Trafficking Victims Protection Act.

Brigid’s House of Hope will serve those who have experienced any type of human trafficking.

Is human trafficking happening in NH?

Many think trafficking does not happen in New Hampshire but recent reports from the NH Human Trafficking Collaborative Task Force have shown an increased rate of referral for both victim services and police investigations.

Why do we need a safe house in NH for survivors of human trafficking?

New Hampshire is currently without any specialized safe housing dedicated solely to victims of human trafficking. Service providers and law enforcement end up scrambling to locate emergency housing in other states where there are often limited to no beds available and the ones available have long waiting lists. This issue can lead to the use of secondary shelter options that may not be safe nor suitable for victims to begin their road to recovery. The goal of intervention for persons that have experienced trafficking is to remove the person from the exploitative situation and return them safely to their home or another community. In order to do so, a safe place to live while they recover and rebuild is one of the greatest needs a victim of trafficking has.

How will Brigid’s House of Hope respond to the need?

Brigid’s House of Hope provides a state-wide accessible shelter for those who have been exploited through trafficking. Along with shelter, the program also provides access to medical care and mental health services, support, and ultimately transitions individuals into long term housing and assists survivors of this crime as they reintegrate into a safe community. The overall aim of the program is to equip survivors with the skills and resources necessary to prevent re-exploitation.

Brigid’s House of Hope is a long term, transitional safe house for victims of human trafficking in New Hampshire and surrounding areas. Brigid’s House of Hope supports identified victims of trafficking to assist in transitioning victims to survivors, to thoughtful community members.

Who will Brigid’s House of Hope serve?

Brigid’s House of Hope aims to start with helping women, ages 18 and older, who are (or at-risk of being) victims of human trafficking. The house will include approximately 6 to 8 beds with both shared and single rooms available. It will be set in a confidential location with 24/7 staffing and include 3 phases of treatment with the 4th phase being a transition into independent living.

Does this connect with other efforts in NH to combat human trafficking?

Brigid’s House of Hope partner with members of the New Hampshire Human Trafficking Collaborative Task Force, the faith community, domestic and sexual violence crisis services in NH and other mental health and medical providers around the state to stay current on work being done in NH, contribute to the ongoing strategy and planning and, most importantly, to ensure that residents are cared for, supported and able to transition back into the community after a safe period of support within the home.

Brigid’s House of Hope has formed a Board of Directors who share a wealth of knowledge and dedication to working with victims of trafficking, establishing safe houses, and a multitude of other services that will benefit.

How do I fit in?

We at Brigid’s House of Hope would love your help and we want to talk with you on how you can. There are many ways that community members, faith partners, and professionals can help us build a home that supports victims of trafficking become survivors, thriving within our community.